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Renewable Energy Resources in the UK
Current News Listing
Horshader Community Development 900kW Wind Turbine
The turbine is operated and managed by Risort Power Generation Ltd, the trading arm of HCDT.
Barra & Vatersay Wind Energy
When the island of Barra’s wind turbine started operation in 2014 the community celebrated the completion of a massive project which will benefit residents for a generation.
Swansea Bay wind turbine rejected due to impact fears Read more at http://www.so
CITY planning officers have thrown out a bid for a 252ft wind turbine that would have overlooked Swansea Bay.
Swansea wind turbine helps Welsh Water reduce its carbon footprint
A wind turbine at the Swansea Bay Waste Water Treatment Works on Fabian Way is playing an important role in helping Welsh Water to reduce its carbon footprint by creating its own renewable energy on site.
Tolsta Community Development, has been established to construct the turbine
The skyline in North Tolsta on the east side of Lewis has changed from this weekend after the tower of the community wind turbine was erected.

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Waste includes landfill gas and incineration

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Last update on site = 2/25/2017
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Projects Most Recently Updated or Added
  Site Name
Capacity Region Postcode County Go Live Updated
  Pyewipe Wind Farm 1.4 England DN37 9NU Lincolnshire 7 / 2015 2/25/2017  
  Risort Wind Farm 0.89 Scotland HS2 9BL Highland 10 / 2012 2/25/2017  
  Barra Wind Farm 0.899 Scotland HS9 5YD Highland 11 / 2014 2/24/2017  
  Tuquoy Wind Farm 0.899 Scotland KW17 2DP Orkney 11 / 2012 2/24/2017  
  Knostrop Wind Farm 1.959 England LS9 0PJ Aberdeenshire 11 / 2014 2/24/2017  

Projects most recently recorded as going live
  Site Name
Capacity Region Postcode County Go Live Updated
  Warmwell 2 England DT2 8HU Dorset 4 / 2019 2/20/2017  
  Hare Hill Wind Farm 13 Scotland Ayrshire 1 / 2017 9/4/2016  
  Hare Hill Wind Farm 13 Scotland Ayrshire 1 / 2017 9/4/2016  
  Newstead and Annesley Wind Farm 1.5 England NG15 0BT Nottinghamshire 1 / 2017 2/9/2017  
  Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm 228 Wales CF42 5SX Mid Glamorgan 12 / 2016 2/7/2017