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Gortfinbar Wind Farm

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Gortfinbar Wind Farm (Wind , Active)

 General Information.

Location in the UK : N.Ireland, BT79 9HH    
Type of installation: Wind    on/offshore: on
Turbines :5  Capacity : 12.5 MW
Approx Date of 1st power generation: December 2016

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K/2005/1426/E – Proposed Wind Farm at Gortfinbar, Omagh
SUBMITTED: letters dated 10 May 2005 and 23 June 2005 from Planning Service Headquarters advising of the applicants’ intention to submit a planning application accompanied by an Environmental Statement in respect of the above proposals. The letters added that any information relevant to the preparation of the Environmental Statements should be made available to the developer and to Planning Service.
Amendment to proposed wind farm involving the erection of 5 no. x 2.5 MW wind turbines (previously 8) with steel towers and composite fibre rotor blades, (maximum overall height of 125m), amended layout, transformers, turbine hardstands, strengthening and widening of any existing access roads, construction of new access roads, drainage, construction of an electrical control building, communications antennae on control building; underground electrical cables linking the turbines with the electrical control building, underground communication cables, all related site works, drainage management measures, a temporary site compound and ancillary developments. - Further amendment to layout.

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Capacity: 34
Start Speed: 5 m/s (11.185 mph)
Optimum Speed: 15 m/s (33.555 mph)
Stop Speed: 25 m/s (55.925 mph)

Local Weather Station: LOUGH FEA SAMOS(3911)
Elevation of Weather Station:

Date for Wind forecast: 19/11/2017
Wind Speed at Weather Station: mph
Wind Direction:
Outputratio = 0.00
Output of Wind Farm = 0.0

Alternative Wind Speed: in mph

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Project Info
Energia banks Irish wind cash
A total of 25 Enercon and five Siemens turbines feature across the portfolio that includes site such as Long Mountain, Eshmore, GORTFINBAR, Glenbuck and Altamuskin.

Doreen Walker Consulting (see base of page)

Tyrone becoming 'dumping ground' for wind farms
The most recent wind farm to be passed came last week when approval for five 70 metre high turbines at GORTFINBAR, between Carrickmore and Sixmilecross, was rubber stamped at a planning committee meeting of Omagh District Council.

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Dunsland Cross residents say new wind turbines have a ‘devastating’ impact
The application was received on Wednesday, December 21, 2011. It was highly contested by locals, with over 400 comments being posted on Torridge District Council’s planning website. The application was later denied.
Source: budetoday, Date and Time of entry: 10 November 2017 00:00

Senvion concludes 33 megawatt contract with Innogy Renewables UK Ltd.
Hamburg/Edinburgh: Senvion, a leading global manufacturer of wind turbines, has signed a contract with Innogy Renewables UK Ltd. to supply 16 wind turbines from its two megawatts (MW) series for the Mynydd y Gwair wind farm in South Wales.
Source: senvion, Date and Time of entry: 10 November 2017 00:00

Senvion grabs RWE contract
RWE has confirmed it has awarded a contract to German turbine supplier Senvion to supply all 28 turbines to its 57.4MW Brechfa Forest West Wind Farm in Wales.
Source: senvion, Date and Time of entry: 10 November 2017 00:00

to-the-point: RWE in Wales awards 57.4-MW turbine order to Senvion
Under the deal, financial details on which were not revealed, Senvion will supply 28 units of 2.05-MW turbines with a maximum tip height of up to 145 metres.
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Proposal to build Britain’s biggest solar farm near Whitstable (Cleve Hill)
Developers have today unveiled plans to blanket 890 acres of farmland near Graveney with the energy-producing panels.
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