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Snave Wind Farm

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Snave Wind Farm (Wind , Proposed)

 General Information.

Location in the UK : England, Snave Romney Marsh    
Type of installation: Wind    on/offshore: on
Turbines :6  Capacity : 15 MW
Approx Date of 1st power generation:

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Snave has been identified as an excellent site for wind energy with enough resource to provide clean green electricity to power the equivalent of 9800 homes a year.

This proposal along with Ecotricitys other proposal in Kent, Harringe Brooks, will be provide a valuable contribution to meeting the UKs renewable targets.

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Alternative Wind Speed: in mph Capacity: start: Optimum: / Stop: / wind: / ratio 352468

Weather Station Name : Lydd Latitude: 50.9507 Longitude: 0.909 Elevation: 3

DateWind DirectionWind SpeedStart / StopCapacity Factor Output MW/hrGenerated MWhrs
12/07/2018 09:00:00N 7 / 0
12/07/2018 12:00:00ENE 7 / 0
12/07/2018 15:00:00E 9 / 0
12/07/2018 18:00:00E 9 / 0
12/07/2018 21:00:00ENE 9 / 0
13/07/2018NNE 4 / 0
13/07/2018 03:00:00NNE 4 / 0
13/07/2018 06:00:00NE 7 / 0
13/07/2018 09:00:00ENE 9 / 0
13/07/2018 12:00:00ENE 11 / 0
13/07/2018 15:00:00ENE 11 / 0
13/07/2018 18:00:00ENE 11 / 0
13/07/2018 21:00:00ENE 7 / 0
14/07/2018NE 7 / 0
14/07/2018 03:00:00NE 4 / 0
14/07/2018 06:00:00ENE 7 / 0
14/07/2018 09:00:00E 7 / 0
14/07/2018 12:00:00E 7 / 0
14/07/2018 15:00:00ESE 9 / 0
14/07/2018 18:00:00ESE 9 / 0
14/07/2018 21:00:00SE 4 / 0
15/07/2018ESE 4 / 0
15/07/2018 03:00:00WSW 4 / 0
15/07/2018 06:00:00W 2 / 0
15/07/2018 09:00:00SE 4 / 0
15/07/2018 12:00:00SSE 7 / 0
15/07/2018 15:00:00SSE 9 / 0
15/07/2018 18:00:00SE 9 / 0
15/07/2018 21:00:00SSE 7 / 0
16/07/2018SW 7 / 0
16/07/2018 03:00:00WNW 4 / 0
16/07/2018 06:00:00WSW 4 / 0
16/07/2018 09:00:00W 4 / 0
16/07/2018 12:00:00SE 7 / 0
16/07/2018 15:00:00S 9 / 0
16/07/2018 18:00:00S 9 / 0
16/07/2018 21:00:00SW 9 / 0
Project Info
'Give us a break and send them somewhere else'
VILLAGERS fear Romney Marsh being overrun and blighted by wind turbines, with two more sets planned. A company wants to build six 125-metre high turbines at SNAVE on top of a separate scheme to build four in Old Romney.

Residents blast plans for new wind farm on Marsh
Ecotricity, a company which specialises in sustainable energy, has unveiled its plans for a new wind farm in SNAVE but critics were united in claiming it would be another blot on the flat Marsh landscape.

Ecotricity: Wind Farm: SNAVE Kent

Harringe Brooks Wind Farm

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