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Douglas Water (Hydro , Active)

 General Information.

Location in the UK : Scotland, Loch Fyne, Inveraray in Argyllshire    
Type of installation: Hydro    on/offshore: on
Turbines :2  Capacity : 3 MW
Approx Date of 1st power generation: April 2008


Douglas Water Hydroelectric Scheme is a run of river scheme, utilising the water from Douglas Water itself and the tributary of Allt Fearna. At 3 MW, the scheme is expected to produce about 10 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of energy each year, enough electricity to power about 2,000 homes. As the scheme does not have a storage reservoir, electricity is only produced when river levels are sufficiently high.

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Douglas Hydro Electric Generating StationNear InverararyArgyl lPA32 8XT Scotland

 Associated Companies.

Relationship Company (For: Douglas Water )
DeveloperRWE Innogy
OperatorRWE Innogy
OwnerRWE Innogy

 DECC Data on this Project: Douglas Water : / 2072

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Site Name: Douglas Water Hydro     3 MW
Energy Type: Small Hydro
County: Strathclyde     Country: Scotland     LPA: Argyll and Bute Council
Site ID and Reference: 377 / N00008H     District:
Applicant: RWE npower     Application : 03/01360/GDCON (Go to search to find Application)
Site Address: Near Inverbeg Argyll and Bute
County: Strathclyde Region: Scotland
OS Coordinates: 204559 / 204559
Development Status: Operational
Application Submitted: 7/17/2003 Planning Permission Granted
Application Determined: Permission refused:
Construction Date: 1/6/2007    
Generator Live 1/5/2008 This Record Last Updated: 10/23/2008
RO Banding (ROC/MWh) FiT Tariff (p/kWh):
  --- Additional Dates where relevant ----
Application Withdrawn:    
Permission Expiration Date:    
Secretary of State - Appeal Lodged:
Called In: Appeal Withdrawn:
Refusal: Appeal Refused:
Granted: Appeal Granted:

 OFGEM Data on this Project: Douglas Water: Hydro :

Site Name: Douglas Water Hydro Electric Generating Station
Generator Type: Hydro 20MW DNC or less (ROS code = SE)
Scheme : RO Generator ID: R00130SESC
Capacity: 2969 Status: Live
Accreditation Date: 7/17/2003    
Commission Date:    
Applicant: Innogy Renewables UK Limited (Hydro)
Applicant Address: Innogy Renewables UK LtdDolgarrog Power StationDolgarrogCONWYLL32 8QEWales
Address: Douglas Hydro Electric Generating StationNear InverararyArgyllPA32 8XTScotland


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